R.L. Schreiber Inc. is a family owned and operated food manufacturing company established in 1968.

Proud of tradition

Founded by Raymond L. Schreiber in 1968, the company started in a small facility in Fort Lauderdale, FL as a one-man operation. Ray was dedicated to making products he could be proud of. He had faith in his products and knew others would too once they tried them. During the early years of the company, Ray would manufacture products in the morning and then sell them in the afternoon. Over time, Ray perfected his manufacturing techniques and recipes. Word of the outstanding quality of his products got around.

Founded in Florida

The product line grew from base manufacturing to include spices and seasoning blends. The company outgrew its original facility in 1981. Through foresight of a true businessman and entrepreneur, Ray moved production to a new facility Pompano Beach, FL. An expansion of that facility was completed in 1993 for USDA production.

Manufactured in Kentucky

The company moved spice manufacturing to a new facility in Lebanon, KY in 2011. Base manufacturing moved to Lebanon, KY after completion of a newly constructed, state-of-the art USDA manufacturing facility in 2015. The company headquarters still remain in Florida, we are currently located in the city of Fort Lauderdale. The humble operation begun by Raymond Schreiber grew over time but never changed the fundamental principles of no compromises in quality or service.

Continuing Pride & Dedication

R. L. Schreiber, Inc. continues to be a true family business. Ray’s five children and now his grandchildren are committed to moving the business forward, maintaining strict quality standards, and honoring the core values that R.L. Schreiber, Inc. has always stood for. The owners and company strive for excellence every day for our employees, our distributors, and our customers and continue the legacy of providing superior quality products and unparalleled service.